Replicate Me, Part II

Tip Use your browser to magnify anything that is too small to read. You can also download the image here and magnify the image in your browser.

I will release the perfect version of replicateMe.html; for now use yours. When I upload it, you can click here to get it. Right-click to view source and you can then copy the source out of your browser. This version validates without remark. You may apply your stylesheet to it by linking it in.

Page to be replicated

This is due on Monday 2 October at 5P. You can upload your HTML and CSS files to Canvas.

Important Stuff Pay attention to these vital items!

  1. Notice the square bullets on the sublists under Paths Through NCSSM's Computer Science Curriculum. Notice the usage of roman numerals.
  2. When you mouse over these items, they get highlighted with cyan.
  3. You may use as a starting point the key to replicate.html which you can obtain from this page.
  4. You may not add new HTML to your original replicateMe.html other than divs (with a class), spans (with a class), or a header or main element. Submit your HTML file with name yourUserNameRM2.html.
  5. Do not use any page or local style sheets.
  6. Name your CSS file yourUserNameRM2.css.
  7. See how close you can come on the background and text color on the page!
  8. Use the CSS validator as you go along so you don't pile up mistakes. Refresh and view the result often.
  9. Be observant about padding and such.
  10. Be nitpicky and OCD!
  11. Take note of the list style types in the various lists.
  12. Unvisited links are dark red, visited ones are pink.