Replicate Me, Part I

Displayed here is the formatting of an HTML file. Your job is to replicate this using only HTML as best you can. Do not use any style attributes or put any style on the page. Pay close attention to typeface details and special symbols.

screen shot of assignment web page

Due Date and TurninThis is due on 15 December at 4:30PM. Upload your HTML file to Canvas. Give it the name yourUserNameRM.html.

Getting a high score on this becomes much easier if you validate with Sister Mary Rapknuckle. She gets rid of lots of clumsy mistakes.

You can edit this file locally on your machine with Atom VSCode, or Notepad++.

If you are working on mac in vi do this.

  1. Open a terminal. Then do this
    $ cd
  2. Create the file .vimrc in your home directory with Macs vi. Put this in it.
    syntax on
    set tabstop=4
    set et
    set nohlsearch
  3. You can view your .html file on your browser by using the Open menu item from the File menu. Just navigate to your HTML file and the browser will format it.

The cowsay command on the server can help you with the ASCII art at the bottom.