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Warning I need to be valid. You need to subject me to the tender mercies of Sister Mary Rapaknuckle so I don't contain any crummy HTML.

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Paths Through NCSSM's Computer Science Curriculum

Here's the skinny on learning to program at NCSSM.

  1. If you have never programmed before, take one of these.
    • CS352, Web Development
    • CS400-408, APCS Principles
    • Introduction to Robotics
    If you have, go to the next step. Be warned we will blithely assume you know how to program! We get into the deep end of the pool fast.
  2. Take CS 424, Procedural Programming. This is an intermediate-level course in procedural programming. You build a lot of skill in this class.
  3. Take advanced offerings. We show the sequences here.
    • CSC 424-426, which object-oriented programming and uses it to create event-driven applications and which studies data structures in the object-oriented paradigm.
    • CSC 434 then 436, 438, or both. CSC 434 teaches you the C language and memory management. The other two courses cover algorithms and various data structures. They are sibling classes. You can take one or both if you wish.

HTML Special Character Entities

These are all of the form &someString;. Here are a few examples. Googling reveals a passel of others. You can find cool stuff like accented letters. Here is a soupçon of some higfalutin' French!

This next item is a table with no styles.

UNIX Commands
pwdThis prints your cwd
lsThis lists stuff. If it is given no arguments, it lists the contents of your cwd. A directory can be given as an argument; if so, its contents are listed.
-aThis lists all files including dotfiles
-lThis lists files in long format
-tThis lists files in order of last-modfied date
-iThis lists files, showing each file's inode

Cows Speak

< I am a future PFM Barf Burger! >
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||