Morrison's 2019 Miniterm

Hailing all Mintermites!


What's up? I will support a few independent projects; these can either be individual or group efforts.

How do I get in on this? Your proposal must pass muster at two levels.

Attention Gadgeteers! Larry Myers is also supporting independent projects; there are some possibilities for us jointly supporting a project with both engineering and computing components.

Here are some examples of ideas I deem to be foundations for good projects. You are not limited to these; they are just suggestions.

Terms and Conditions

picture of a vice

I will request a room as a meeting place. You need to be present for the morning (9:00A - 11:30P) and afternoon (1P-4P) sessions. I think it's important for groups to see each other and to exchange ideas. I expect you to be able to work without a ton of supervision. Each group needs to meet with me once during each day to tell me what they are doing.

You wil produce a website for your project as a part of sharing. You can do this in a folder named yourUserName.html, and you should have an index page in it. This will be uploaded to this directory and will be publicly visible.