NCSSS 2018 JavaFX Workshop

What is an application and what is its life cycle?

Platform This is a static service class that contains methods useful services for applications. Primarily we will be using the method Platform.exit() when we wish to quit an application. This exits a program in a mannerly fashion, whereas System.exit() scrams and can cause data loss for the user of your application.

Stage This is a top-level container window. It functions like a JFrame in the old Swing library. Think of it as well ... a stage in which the GUI "actors" perform.

Scene This tree data structure represents the contents of a stage in a hierarchical structure called a scene graph. All of your GUI widgets are stored in a scene. Scenes can be shuffled in and out of a stage.

Within a scene, you will need to control layout. Here are some common layout tools.

Widgets JavaFX provides a wide variety of widgets. Here are some main ones.