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Welcome! This is a portion of my personal libary of coding examples. It is freely available for non-commmercial educational use. I make absolutely no warranties or representations. It will be a big project to place it on-line. Items will be organized by language and then by type of example. If you are learning to code, you can grab the examples, modify them, compile them and see what happens. If you are a teacher, you can use these examples in your classes.

I reserve the right to use any of these pieces of code in courses, any public speaking occasion or broadcast in in future copyrighted works. Please provide attribution if you use these in works you publicize, or post on the Internet.

Using This Site On the left, you will see files and directories. Click on to a file to view it. Click on a directory and you will go into that directory to see a similar interface. Use the .. link under the directories to go up one directory. You can use the bottom two links to warp back to the main code page or to the site's index page.

Files with a .php extension contain explanations of programs. Files with an extension such as .c, .java or .py are plain-text code files. Thre is a directory for various languages. Inside of these, items are organized by topic or type of item.

Any file named shell.php in any directory of this site is just a template file. Any file named buf is just a temporary editing buffer. You can ignore these.

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