Course Syllabus This page, along with the Specs Page, which contains complete information about grading and assignments, constitute the official course syllabus. Reading assignments and daily assignments will be in the course calendars; these are listed in the directories with month names at the left. We do use canvas and all grades will be maintained in the Canvas gradebook. Canvas will be programmed to compute grades according to the scheme outlined on the specs page. You should use your Google calendar to keep track of upcoming due dates for this and all of your other classes.

Working Offline The Working Offline page has directions. Make sure you prepare your computer as instructed above.

Web Apps pages, linked at the left, contains some useful web apps for this class. You are encouraged to look at them; by the end of this term you will know how to write something like these. One is a base converter which will be useful to you when we study the representations of numbers early in the term.