426 Page

426, this is Your class website On the left, you will see a navigation area. These are present on all pages on this site. You can download files by right-clicking on them. Each month's directory contains a directory for each day. All files released on any day can be found in that day's folder. Any notes for the day are in that day's index file.

The specs directory contains all particulars including grading, assignments, and course procedure.

The classroom policy contains specifics on departmental rules and policies, including those on academic honesty.

CS Server During the first week of class, you will get an account on cs.unc.edu. You will learn to run Java programs at the command line.

Course Prerequisites

You should have taken 424 or have a 4 or 5 on the AP CS 'A' Java exam. I will assume you are familar and skilled with these things.


Right away, we will introduce these concepts in the Java language. This will go quite fast, so we can get into the meat of classes and objects.

Get your Lappy Ready

You will use the following software items in this class. All are freely available. Install them right at the beginning of this class.