Morrison's 1819T2 Procedural Programming

My Schedule

This can be seen by going to the contact/schedule menu at the top of this page.

Course Prerequisites

The Big 5

You are in here because you took introductory programming or via placement. We expect you to be familar with the following.

Get your Lappy Ready

If you are enrolled in this class, you got an email telling you of the existence of this page. You will use the following software items in this class. All are freely available.

Class Materials

Your class website On the left, you will see directories the various months. These will contain the course calendars. The file basicStuff.php linked at the left will answer your most basic questions about this class.

The specs directory will contain specifications for all major projects.

Materials may also be present on our internal server You will get an account on this server and you will learn how to interact with its command-line interface. You will be asked to post certain assignments and projects there.

This course will be on canvas as well. Canvas will be used for reading quizzes, and it provides a portal for you to upload programming assignments. All grades are entered into the canvas gradebook.