Morrison's 2122S2 4240 Page

Rev. 30 November 2021

Classes This semester I have two sections of 4240. Both classes take lab on the same day.

Calender Note If you are in FBlock, your class proceedings for Wednesday will be in the Tuesday page. Often the daily page will have subdirectories B and F that will contain items particular to that block.

Course Calendars These are contained in the directories linked on the left with the month names. Click on each link to access its contents.

What is specs? This will contain all details for assignments. Quizzes will only be visible in Canvas. You will submit assignments via a Canvas portal. Lab practicals will come with shell files, which you will download on this page. This is a part of the course syllabus.

The roster files are not publicly viewable, as I have turned off permissions for Apache to access them.

What is pylibs? This will contain useful libraries that I write for this class. There is a Python testing framework and there are Python programs that produce shell code for programs. I will show you how to use them when we introduce running Python programs.