Here is a listing of my favourite masticatoria. These are places, which for a variety of prices, will render you full edible value for your hard-earned elusive golden shekels.


I wander a bit. I have eaten in all of these wonderful places. If you get near them, gravitate to them and celebrate their wonderful offerings

The Green Room is a glorious eating estabishment in the famed Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE. It specializes in French cooking.

Bayard House is a restaurant situated along the C&D Canal in Chesapeke City, MD. It has an extensive wine list and excellent seafood dishes. I recommend the Quesadillas Chesapeke and the Tournadoes Baltimore. My last vist here in August 2007 found all in excellent order.

This is The Best Restaurant on the Planet! You will need to reserve well in advance because it is very small. The food is celestial. Bring your friend Benjamin Franklin, because plastic is not accepted and because, as with all great things, it costs some dough.

A visit to Elizbeth on 37th in Savannah, GA rewarded us with excellent food served in a charming setting. It's well worth a visit if your find youself in Savannah. This is a beautiful city that merits a trip! I can recommend The Foley Inn as a nice place to stay.

The Common Grill in Chelsea, MI is just a short ride west of Ann Arbor. My parents eat here every Thursday. It's their favourite restaurant, and if you go, you will quickly find out why. This restaurant has been an important part of our family life for many years. My parents have known its owner, Greg Common, for a very long time.

The Whitehouse-Crawford restaurant is a culinary gem situated right in the midst of Eastern Washington's wonderful wine country. The steak-frites is a wonderful dinner. Have it with some Washington Cabernet. A Woodward Canyon wine is a great choice for that. Since the winery is not far off, visit that too.

Brigtsen's is an uptown New Orleans restaurant serving up some magnificent food. A highlight is the tournadoes of beef in a Marchand du Vin sauce.

Arnaud's is a venerable New Orleans restaurant in the Quarter serving up wonderful food with tip-top service. Do not neglect to order dessert.

Dick and Jenny's is an uptown New Orleans gem with reasonable prices and great food.

Gautreau's is an uptown restaurant tucked away in a residential section of town. Both food and service are absolutely top-chop.

Latour in Ridgewood, NJ offers woderful French fare. It is a don't-miss if you are in Northeast NJ. We have been here many times.

Madeline's Petit Paris in Northvale, NJ is a superb French restaurant run by a nice Belgian couple. This is an old favorite.

Chateau Rolland is a beautiful Chateau in the Bordeaux region of France. The winery has a restaurant, which serves aetherial creations. Do not neglect to sample the wines of the chateau whilst there.

Rocky and Carlo's at 613 West Saint Bernard Highway in Chalmette, LA is a bit of a drive east of New Orleans. You will see people from the docks and piers ordering humongous quantities of food to feed their ravenous co-wokers. The poboys and the mac-n-cheese are amazing. Zagat's gives it a 24 (very good) rating. If you order a hot roast beef poboy and an order of mac-n-cheese, it will feed two big appetites or three reasonably normal ones.

The Triangle

There are plenty of great eateries here in the Triangle! Try some of these. Some are great choices for prom dinner. Some are quite close to the school.

Fine Dining in the Triangle

Chapel Hill This is not a long way from the school and it affords some great eateries.

Durham Durham is ridiculous for the number of quality eateries it has. We live in a food elysium!


More Casual Places in the Triangle

Chapel Hill