A Google Calendar Primer

This is a tool you now have, and it can make your life at NCSSM saner and more pleasant. This little guide will show you how to get to your Google Calendar, how to view calendars of other NCSSMers, and how to make smart use of it. This works for everyone in the NCSSM community, including .family accounts.

Begin by opening your NCSSM GMail account. You will see something like this (I use the Ninjas theme).

image of an open GMail account

The Waffle In the picture above, you will see a "waffle" that consists of nine little squares or dots. Here is a close-up picture of it; it's sitting right on top of the little ninja.

closeup of the waffle

Menu The waffle is actually a menu; click on it and you will see this.

image of waffle menu being expanded

This menu gives you access to all of the goodies in your Google Account. Select the Calendar item. BAM! Here is your Google Calendar!

image of a Google Calendar

Clicking on the Create button allows you to create a Google Calendar event.

image of a Google Calendar

You can create an event from this box (Try it!). You can set a location and invite others.

Now let's take a look at some useful navigational features.

image of a Google Calendar

Try clicking on the < and the > in on the little calendar. Click on a day in the calendar. This gives you quick access to the entire year.

Below the calendar is little box labeled "Meet with..." Put another NCSSMer's name in it and you will be able to see their Google Calendar. This is a useful tool for scheduling a meeting with a teacher.

What sort of things should be events?

Here is a partial list.

By creating events, you have an at-a-glance view of upcoming things that demand your attention.