Contact Information

Rev. 30 May 2020

Basic Contact Information Here are the best ways to reach me. You can send snailmail to

Dr. John M. Morrison
1219 Broad Str.
Durham, NC 27705

Also, I can be e-mailed at

morrison _AT__ ncssm DOt edu

My telephone number is 919-416-2746. This number is a VOIP number, so my PC is my telephone.

My office is in ETS; as you go in go right; my office is the first office on the right. The ETS entry is on the Reynolds Breezeway. It is on the left about half-way to the corner that turns towards Watts. The (heavy) door is right next to the Whale.

Making an Appointment Propose a time via Google Calendar. Check my Google calendar to rule out obvious conflicts. I will then accept your invitation or suggest a different time. Parents, you can schedule a phone conversation or visit this way, too.

Office hours are walk-in times. Just show up. You can see the school timetable with my class schedule and office hours in it by clicking on the link schedule.php on the left.

Class Email Labels If you are mailing me about a specific class, place the class's block in the subject line of your email. Just about every business day, I will check the email from each class by using the subject: search mechanism. Emails from my classes priority over my general purpose email queue. For example if you are in block A, put

Block A, subject

in the subject line. Always do this when submitting assignments via email. You can also put the assignment name (Q1,, etc) in the subject line to make it easy to find. If you are a parent and wish to send me email about your student, you can do this too.

Canvas All of my classes will be on Canvas. You will be enrolled in them automatically. I use the Canvas gradebook and use Canvas to collect almost all assignments.