Class Schedule, Trimester 1, 2019-20

Rev. 1 Nov 2019

None of my classes meet on Friday. This day is given over to back-office operations, and meeting with students and collegues. Note that Thursday is a very busy day; it is not a good choice for scheduling appointments.

Finding Me Outside of class, my most common roosts are the e-lab or the library. If I have a one-class hiatus between classes in the e-lab, I will usually stay there. I usually keep Facebook Chat and Google+ open during the day. You can ping me in those places, as well.

8:00-8:50 A8:00-8:50C 8:00-8:50B 8:00-8:50D 8:00-8:50A
8:55-9:45 B8:55-9:45D 8:55-9:45A 8:55-9:45C 8:55-9:45B
9:50-10:40 C9:50-10:40B9:50-10:40D 9:50-10:40A 9:50-10:40C
10:45-11:35D10:45-11:35A 10:45-11:35C 10:45-11:35B 10:45-11:35D
11:35-12:30LUNCH11:35-12:15ALAB 11:35-12:15CLAB 11:35-12:15BLAB 11:35-12:15DLAB
12:30-1:20 MTG12:15-12:55LUNCH12:15-12:55LUNCH 12:15-12:55LUNCH 12:15-12:55LUNCH
1:25-2:15 E12:55-1:35ELAB12:55-1:45G12:55-1:35FLAB 12:55-1:35GLAB
2:20-3:10 F1:35-2:25E1:50-2:40E1:35-2:25F1:35-2:25G
3:15-4:05 G2:30-3:20G2:45-3:45F2:30-3:20G2:30-3:20F

Colored areas indicate class times, except for the burnt orange squares, which are office hours.

Attention Colleagues and Other Guests: Visiting Class You may do so on any day. However, if you come without notice, you may appear on a day when a quiz or a lab practical is being given. You can email me if you want to know what is happening on any given week. You can also look in the class calendars.