Here I shall link some favorite Universities. First, I shall list some of the best state school honors programs. These programs can afford the student a top-notch education at a very reasonable price. At the same time, the best of them offer the student small classes and lots of interaction with the faculty. Then I shall link some other universities with excellent undergraduate programs. Finally, I shall links some schools with special programs that might interest select student. While this last list of schools may have programs of special interest, I am not necessarily recommending other programs at these schools.

State School Honors Programs

These schools have some very competitive honors programs that will cost you a bail less than the ivies. They deserve some attention.

Other Universities

Here is a list of schools whose undergraduate programs I respect and like.

Schools with Programs of Special Interest

Here are some schools with special programs that will interest special students. These programs are known nationally for their academic merit and educational quality. The links go directly to the featured program.