About JTerm 2021

Class Hours

There will be two sessions each day.

Before you arrive You wil get a mail from me to come see this page, along with a username and password for the server. You need to to these installs. Time is short so we need to get moving right away.

Once you do these things, you are ready to log into the server.

Once you log into the server, you will see this.

picture of a terminal

The ~> you see is your command prompt You can change your password by typing passwd at the command prompt and following the direction you are given. Note that in UNIX, when you are asked to enter a password, no characters appear on the screen.

This YouTube playlist shows you how to use the command line interface from scratch. It is highly recommended viewing. If this material is familiar to a lot of you, we can move onto piping and redirection quickly.

Also, download awk.pdf.

vim This is a very powerful tool in wrangling data. We are going to make sure you know how to use all of its modes. You will become a power vim user. Note that this knowledge will make you a sedmeister!

Filters we will look at This table shows the filters we will study.

awkThis is a powerful language for constructing filters. It puts its results to stdout. We will do a careful study of this language.
catThis puts file(s) given as arguments to stdout
cutThis cuts character columns and puts them to stdout
grepThis takes a regex and files as arguments and puts all lines matching the regex to stdout.
headThis puts the top of a file to stdout.
tailThis puts the bottom of a file to stdout.
pasteThis pastes files side to side and puts the result to stdout.
sedThis is a poweful language for constructing filters using a variation on vim commands. It puts its results to stdout. We will do a careful study of this language.
sortThis sorts the lines of a file in various ways and puts the result to stdout.

Warning You may never use a spreadsheet again.

Product You will go out, grab a big data set, and use the tools you learn to analyze it.