About JTerm 2021

The sed Language

A vim warmup: Clean this @#$% mess up: covid19ByState. The columns are: totalCases per100K sevenDayAvg sevenDayAvgPer100K.

The NYTimes is the data's source.

Here is another data source for infections by state at colleges: NYTimes by state data for colleges.

Extract and clean this data into a usable format. Put it in columnar format with state, cases, numSchools.

Useful Vim Hint In command mode, if you type J, you wil join the cursor's line with the next line. This can be preceded by a number with a predictable result.

Here is your mission. You can find the sed manual here.

A lot of by-state data comes in with the state name at the beginning of each record (row). Many states have two words in their names and this can cause headaches when we try to awk these files.

Your mission is as follows

Write a sed program called stateFixer.sed which changes state names to their two-letter postal abbreviations. Make sure you include all of them. This link from the USPS shows them. Watch out for case!

The file perCapitaIncomeByState contains income on per capita earnings. Use this as a test case for your sed program.