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All opinions expressed here are mine. They include such things as the intellectual merit of computing constructs, the aesthetics of gardens and the gustatory merit of various local and remote masticatoria. Be cautioned; you won't agree with everything here. But since you are reading this ..... tough bananas.

Why the Rhino? Shown below is the infamous purple rhino, the unheralded symbol of this program. It's not quite a unicorn, but it does have just one horn. It was created by my student Michael Birken who is now an applications software developer in New York. Michael's creativity and his prodigious production of ideas in computing make him a significant figure. He is the author of the infamous Meat Fighter, a fighting game that is a satire of Street Fighter, involving various sausages doing deadly battle. Mike wrote this game to learn how to do full-screen Java programming and to learn how to use Java's sound and swing libraries.

I taught Mike at The Bergen Academies, specifically the AAST. He was a member of its founding class, the class of 1996.

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